Martindale DH85 Hygro Moisture Meter





A hygro-moisture meter giving accurate measurements of moisture levels in materials and also measures air temperature and humidity of the environment. Seven different ranges (hard wood, soft wood, plaster, anhydrite screed, cement mortar, lime mortar and brick) can be selected.

The backlit LCD screen also displays the temperature and humidity with a choice of units of measurement. As well as the usual hold, auto power off and backlit screen features, the DH85 also has a useful self-check function to ensure that the unit is working correctly at all times.


  • Moisture: (Seven ranges, Accuracy ±1%)
  • Humidity: (Digital capacitive humidity sensor, Range 0% – 100% RH, Accuracy 2.5% at 18°C to 28°C / 10% t0 90%, Resolution 0.1% RH)
  • Temperature: (Range -20°C to 60°C, Accuracy ±0.5°C for 0°C to 45°C, Temperature coefficient 10% per°C at 18°C to 28°C, Resolution 0.1°C)
  • Measurement rate: Every second)
  • Power: 2 X 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries
  • Dimensions 25 x 51 x 133mm
  • Weight 118g
  • Includes: protective cover, batteries, detachable carry strap and manual
  • Free ACT conformity certificate with this item




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