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Repair Shop

Repair specialist

Here you can arrange for your testers to be repaired.

Arranging for your testers to be repaired couldn’t be easier. Here’s what you do:

1.) Simply search for the product group of the tester you would like calibrating; for example if you have a loop tester for repair click on the “Loop Tester Repair” option from the “Repair Shop” drop down list.

2.) If you are sending the tester to us simply click on the option marked “Collection not required”. Click on “Add to Basket”, complete the checkout process and send your tester to us.To speed up the booking in process we request customers complete our Calibration Repair Booking Form prior to shipping your goods.

3.) If required we can arrange for your tester to be collected via Fedex for just an extra £10.00+VAT. Follow these simple instructions;

  • Simply click on the “Fedex collection required” option.
  • Click on “Add to Basket” and complete the checkout process.
  • Box your equipment (customers are reminded that equipment remains their responsibility at all times) – see conditions below.
  • Complete the Calibration Repair Booking Form enclosing the booking form inside the box with your equipment and the delivery note on the outside of the box.
  • A member of our team will contact you to confirm the collection arrangements.

Please note that customers are responsible for packing test equipment and labelling the box . Customers selecting this option are bound by the terms & conditions of Fedex regarding the collection transaction. ACT cannot be held responsible for any loss and customers are advised to ensure appropriate  insurance cover is arranged prior to collection. Collections requested before 11.00 am on any working day will be scheduled for same day pick-up. Collection requests received after 11.00 am will be scheduled for pick-up the following working day. We cannot give specific times for collections, Fedex collect during normal office hours of 09.00 am & 5.00 pm. ACT cannot be held responsible for any ensuing delays caused by events beyond our control.

4.) Multiple item collections. Collections are charged on the number of boxes collected. If you require more than one item collecting and you put them all in one box we will only charge you for one collection. To arrange for several items to be collected in one box simply click the “Fedex collection required” option on just one of the items, the rest of the items can be selected as “Collection not required”. Where there is more than one box click the “Fedex collection required” option for each separately boxed item.

5.) Our standard turnaround times on repairs are 10-20 working days from receipt of goods. Customers requiring an emergency turnaround are advised to contact our offices immediate assistance on (01782) 827018 between the hours of 8.30 am – 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.

6.) You receive your tester back within the agreed turnaround time. Calibration certificates will be emailed to you on completion.


Terms and Conditions of Repair

Repairs will be undertaken following the acceptance of our standard repair charge or written quotation.

In the event that we cannot repair your equipment will offer you one of the following options;

  1. Forward you tester to the appropriate manufacturer for repair at an agreed cost.
  2. Return the equipment to you. Please note a £65.00 fee will apply to cover investigation and carriage costs.
  3. Scrap the your tester. No charges apply.
  4. Quote you for a new replacement tester.

A warranty period of three months is offered on repairs we undertake.