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Seaward Primetest 250 PATBag

Seaward Primetest 250 PATBag





The PrimeTest 250 PATBag Elements kit (345A927) is based around the most comprehensive manual portable appliance tester on the market, featuring 3-phase leakage, RCD trip time, touch current and PE conductor current tests. PATGuard Elements software enables fast manual data-entry for record-keeping of all test results including a full test history against each appliance, and invoice generator – ideal for the efficient running of your PAT business.

As Primetest 100 with these extra features

  • 200mA Earth Continuity Tests
  • 250V and 500V Insulation Tests
  • Mains Powered Leakage Test Option
  • IEC Polarity Test
  • Three Phase Testing Option
  • RCD Test Function
  • Pre-set Pass Limits
  • Runs from AA Batteries
  • Free ACT Calibration Certificate

Earth continuity

Output Current 200mA
Test Voltage (o/c) 9V DC nominal
Test Duration (Class I Test) 2s nominal
Display Range 0.01ohm to 19.99ohm
Pass Value (Class I Test) 0.2ohm

Insulation resistance

Test Voltage 250/500VDC @1mA nominal, < 2mA (s/c)
Test Duration (Class I or II) 2s
Display Range 0.01Mohm to 19.99Mohm
Pass Value 1.0MOhm Class I
2.0MOhm Class II

Equivalent leakage

Test Voltage 40V Nominal AC 50Hz Open Circuit
Test Duration 2s nominal
Display Range 0.1mA to 19.99mA
Pass Value 0.75mA CLI / 0.25mA CL II

IEC lead test

Test voltage 5V DC nominal
Test Duration Time for test (2s max)
Test Live/Neutral Checks for o/c, s/c and crossed

Protective conductor current

Test Voltage Supply Voltage, max current 13A
Test Duration 30s maximum
Display Range 0.15mA to 9.99mA
Pass Value 0.75mA/3.5mA (user selectable with 0.75mA as default)

Touch current

Test Voltage Supply Voltage, max current 13A
Test Duration 30s maximum
Display Range 0.10mA to 5.00mA
Pass Value 0.25mA

3 phase differential leakage current

*Requires 3 phase adaptor accessory
Test Voltage 3 phase supply voltage
Test Duration continuous measurement
Display Range 0.10 mA to 9.99 mA
Pass Value 3.5mA

RCD trip time

Test Voltage Mains supply voltage
Test Current 10mA / 30mA rms sinusoidal
Test Current Phase 0°/180° auto switched on alternate tests
Measuring Range 0ms – 500ms
Pass Value 200ms

Power socket check

Input voltage range 225 – 254V AC max current 13A UK
Measurement range 50V to 250V
Indicates measured voltage and pass/fail for:
Line to earth, line to neutral, neutral to earth

The PATBag includes:

  • PrimeTest 250 portable appliance tester
  • Rugged and lightweight purpose-made PATBag carry case with compartments for all of your PAT accessories and labels
  • Full length PAT Training DVD with online exam and personalised certificate
  • Seaward Guide to Portable Appliance Testing, a handy PAT reference look-up card
  • PAT Register and Test record for keeping a record of results
  • 500 Pass labels
  • 500 Fail labels
  • 110V adaptor
  • Quick start video guide
  • Seaward Business Builder CD – everything you need to know to start a PAT testing business
  • Free ACT Calibration Certificate

*Please note the PrimeTest 250 portable appliance tester does not have a backlight.



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