Envrionmental Policy

Associated Calibration & Training Limited (ACT) will comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations.  As a company it recognises that a clean, healthy and safe environment is important to everyone and as a company is committed to minimising/preventing pollution of the environment and harm to human health as a result of its business operations.

It is the intention of ACT to promote environmental awareness amongst staff and ensure employees are provided with information, instruction, training and supervision as deemed reasonably necessary. 


Consideration will be given to the environmental performance of suppliers of materials and services, contractors and sub-contractors.  Wherever practicable, products made from recycled or recyclable materials will be used. The use of toxic substances and solvents labelled as hazardous to health or the environment will be minimised.  Waste will be minimised at source or recycled wherever practical.


Buildings, services and processes will be operated efficiently to conserve energy and resources.


Company cars and vehicles will be regularly serviced to maintain optimum performance efficiency.


Competent personnel will be appointed to ensure compliance with statutory duties and this policy.


Staff are required to comply with this environmental policy and related procedures, and report environmental hazards to their manager.  Specific actions to ensure compliance with this policy will be factored into employees overall performance standards, as the company deems necessary.


Failure to comply with the company prescribed policies could result in disciplinary actions, up to and including immediate termination of employment.


ACT will regularly review all policies, procedures and business processes to achieve sustained continuous improvement with regards to the environment.